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Is your house in foreclosure?

If you are facing a pending foreclosure, the best advice we can give you is to ACT NOW. A foreclosure is a daunting dilemma, but sitting around would not better the situation.

Many property owners file bankruptcy, in hopes that all of their problems will be solved. However, all it really does is delay the problem. The end result is always uniform… the property goes to Sheriff’s Sale and in addition to losing their home, the house owners will have bankruptcy and foreclosure on their credit report. If you are facing foreclosure, this is a situation you want to avoid at all costs.

In most cases, the best thing for a house owner to do when facing foreclosure, assuming that the owner’s inability to pay mortgage is not temporary, is to sell the property and sell it fast.

This is where we, as the leading home buyers in Massachusetts, can help. In many cases, we can buy your house, update your payments and give equity back out of home. We can even help in situations where your house has no equity.

Before your foreclosure turns into your worst financial nightmare.

Sell Your House Now

Is your house vacant?

There are many reasons why a house will often sit vacant. It may or may not be by choice, but it is almost always a problem for the owner. Unfortunately, unoccupied houses have a tendency to draw unnecessary attention. Often it’s unwanted interest from neighborhood children or others who see it as an opportunity to break windows or vandalize the house.

Another typical problem is the changing of the seasons. During the winter months, one pays the utilities to keep the house in good condition: otherwise, one shuts them off and hopes no damage will occur. This can be both impractical and expensive. Furthermore, house owners may no longer be covered by insurance if their home is damaged after being unoccupied over 30 days.

HomeBuyers4You can provide a variety of solutions to these problems. We can buy your house or make arrangements to take over your monthly payments and maintain the property until we sell it.

Don’t let your property sit vacant another day!

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Does your property need repairs?

If you need to sell your house and it is in need of major repairs, chances are many people won’t consider buying it. Most people aren’t able or willing to get a loan on a house that needs fixing up before they are able to move in. Lending institutions also by and large won’t loan money on distressed properties because they make poor collateral.

HomeBuyers4You can and will buy houses that need repairs. In fact, we often purchase distressed properties and make the repairs ourselves. We can take an old, ugly, run–down house and make it look like brand new again! Not only do we help you by buying and repairing your house, we help others by providing them with a beautiful home.

We can buy and repair your house (so you won’t need to worry).

Sell Your House Now

Has your listing expired?

Have you listed your property with a Realtor and they haven’t been able to sell the house? Perhaps they didn’t show the house enough, didn’t market your house effectively or simply listed your house at too high of a price. Maybe the agent actually brought a few buyers to you, but things just didn’t work out. Meanwhile, you’re stuck with the house and the payments while you waited and waited. Finally, out of frustration, you let the listing expire…

Before you re-list your house and continue making mortgage payments, consider selling it to us. HomeBuyers4You specializes in helping people just like you. If your home qualifies and you’re flexible on price and terms, we may buy it on the spot. We won’t waste your time and you can be sure that your house will be sold in record time at a fair price.

Before you re-list, sell your house to us.

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Are you behind on your mortgage payments?

Many unexpected things happen, such as job loss or health problems that cause you to miss making your monthly house payments. Sometimes you find yourself struggling to make your house payment while all your other bills continue to pile up. It then becomes difficult to catch up to those payments. Finally a point comes when there is no catching up.

HomeBuyers4You can provide you with workable, respectable, solutions, to your financial dilemma. We are able to work with you and your lending institution to help you avoid a possible foreclosure. We may even be able to take the burden of trying to catch up payments off your back, so you can attempt a fresh start in another house you can better afford.

We pay cash for houses quickly, before your missed payments turn into foreclosure.

Sell Your House Now

Preparing for a transfer or relocation?

A job transfer or relocation is usually s positive thing and means that congratulations are in order. However, relocations can also be very stressful. Often your house doesn’t get sold in time and you end up stuck making double payments on a house you no longer live in. The last thing you need to worry about when moving is selling your house.

We can buy your property quickly, and allow you to get on with your life and new opportunities. We can take over your payments and maintenance and allow you the freedom to move at once if necessary.

Because we can take your house off your hands before it becomes a financial burden.

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Bad tenants? Tired of being a landlord?

Landlording is not easy. Whether you are a seasoned professional or you’ve become a landlord ‘’accidentally’’ by not being able to find a buyer in time for your move, you will agree that landlording is not fun. Dealing with tenants calling day and night, potential lawsuits, maintenance cost, irresponsible tenants damaging your investment, etc, all can give you an ulcer before you know it.

Fortunately, you don’t have to continue if you don’t wish to. We can take the problem property off your hands. Whether your property is vacant or not, whether your property needs repairs or not, we are here to help.

You can be rid of your troubled property before your know it.

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Owe liens?

Don’t be discouraged from selling your house because you have liens, judgments or title problems. We are experts at dealing with these situations.

We can help.

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Divorce is unpleasant enough without the burden of selling a house, especially when it prevents you from going your separate ways. We deal with divorce situations on a regular basis and can help you quickly sell your house so you can move on with your life.

For a new start.

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Do you need to settle an estate sale?

Maybe you’ve inherited a property or have the responsibility to get rid of it on behalf of the estate. The death of a loved one is difficult enough without the added burden.

Perhaps the property needs repairs before it can be sold. Perhaps you have mortgage payments and no one has the money to keep them paid. Whatever the case may be, the probate and selling process can often be confusing, costly, and aggravating.

HomeBuyers4You wants to help. We can often speed up the selling process by giving you a fast, fair offer that is acceptable to all involved so you can settle the estate quickly and efficiently.

We can help you take care of this important task.

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House 100% financed? Do you retain no equity?

The ‘’low equity, no equity’’ situation is the most common problem our company has come across. In most cases, the house owner has tried to sell their house ‘’for sale by owner’’ (FSBO) with no luck. When they discover they are unable to sell their house, their next step is usually to list it through a Realtor. In order to cover the Realtor’s commissions and closing costs, they have to dramatically increase the asking price. Since the price was artificially increased, the likelihood of selling the house is reduced even further. And even if the house does sell, any equity that does exist is quickly eaten away by the Realtor’s commission, closing costs, taxes and holding costs.

However, now you won’t have to pay real estate commissions or give away your equity, no matter how small it is, to a Realtor. We purchase homes from people in like situations all the time. In most cases we are able to return some of that hard earned equity to the homeowner, or at least reduce the amount of money they have to pull out-of-pocket at closing.

We will help take this financial burden off your hands once and for all.

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Are you making two house payments?

A good number of our clients were making double payments, one on their new house and one on their previous house. Various situations can lead to this unfavorable condition. The most common scenario is when house owners buy a new house while their first house is not yet sold, or the closing on the first house has fallen through.

The second most common reason for double payments is a job transfer or relocation. Sometimes clients are forced to move to a new home or apartment, before they are able to sell the house.

HomeBuyers4You can solve this problem by buying your house, or making arrangements to take over your monthly payments and maintain the property until sale.

We can help take this unnecessary burden off your hands.

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Do you need to sell your house fast?

Wondering how to sell your house? Regardless of your situation, if your house qualifies and you are flexible on price and terms, we can buy your house as quickly or patiently as needed! How is that possible? Once you have provided us with the necessary information regarding your house, it will take us 30 minutes or less, with your help, to layout a plan which works best for you and HomeBuyers4You.

Sell Your House Now

Sell Your House Now

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